• Learn to identify negative thoughts that are blocking your creativity;
  • Begin to step away and observe negative thoughts, rather than allowing them to control your actions; and
  • Enjoy more Creativity, Love, and Joy in your life. 

Who's the meanest girl you know? How about the little voice inside your head that always points out what a loser you are whenever you make even the teensiest mistake? You'd never say anything so cruel to another living soul, but that mean girl inside your mind would, and she does it all the time -- especially when it comes to that powerful Creative work you're always longing for, like creating your brilliant masterpiece of a life! 

To make a creative space, we need to encourage appreciation, openness, and acceptance. If we are too rigid, close-minded, and judgmental, then the flow of creativity is restricted and blocked. 

--Deepak Chopra

Everywhere I go, I meet dazzling, extraordinary Powerful Creators like you, yes you -- the real, fun-loving, cheeky, salty, delightful, talented Creator who's dying to get out, but who keeps getting blocked by those judgmental thoughts jangling around in her brain. 

Not any more! The Creativity Facial is here to help de-tox those gnarly thoughts and deck out your mind with a fabulous, sparkly creative space.

In 3 short steps, you'll to learn a few techniques for identifying and detoxifying your negative thoughts about your creativity and a simple strategy for transforming those negative thoughts going forward.

You can use these skills to detox all kinds of negative thoughts, so that you can not only improve your creative output, but also bring more love, joy and downright FUN into your life.

Why don't you click the button and try it today -- it will truly change your mind and your life. 

A Note From Donna...

“I love helping women discover and develop their Creativity, so that they can create their greatest work of art -- the Joyful life they were meant to live. 

Won't you join me in this mini-Workshop and learn to make the shift from thinking into being, the first step to reconnecting with and expanding your Creativity.”

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