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Brain Facial LP - Olivia Marie Create

​​​ Learn How to ​​​​​Become a Powerful Creator, so you can Create the Life You Really Want

Watch the video to learn more about ​the Creative Mindset Reset tools ​for removing one of the biggest blocks to Creating anything -- from a cool Quilt to a Rockin' Bod to the Life ​of your Dreams.

​In this course, you'll learn ​to make friends with your Inner Critic​, jumpstart​ your Creativity, and change your Life.

Everyone loves "self-care," which usually involves a massage, a facial, mani-pedi, etc. -- perfect for leaving you feeling pampered, refreshed, and rejuvenated. BUT those results are only skin deep and don't last long.

Wouldn't it be great if you could do something similar with all of those toxic thoughts that clog up your brain, stifling your Creativity and sucking the Joy and Fun from your life?

What if you could have a self-care treatment that goes much deeper and lasts even longer, so you can really start to create the Life (and Body) you truly want, deep down inside, and start to glow from the Inside out?

That's what my Brain Facial: Creative Mindset Reset Course is all about.  

One of the biggest blocks to Creating anything – from a cool Quilt to a rockin' bod to the Life ​of your Dreams – is those gnarly, negative thoughts that keep rattling around in your Noggin every.single.day.

So I designed the Brain Facial to help you not only clear away all those gnarly, negative, self-defeating thoughts (about yourself and the stuff you make), but also to share with you my favourite techniques for keeping those thoughts at bay later, when the poop of "real life" (and your Creative life) hits the fan.

And the Brain Facial works whether you think you don't have a creative bone in your Body, or you create a stack of amazing stuff every day!

Let's Go Even Deeper.

How the Brain Facial can Actually help you Change your Life.

Okay, here's the real deal people:  I used to think my life sucked, even though on the surface it looked pretty damned good.  ​

But even though my life looked fab on the outside, I was slowly dying on the inside.  I used to wake up in the morning and wonder:

"How did I get here, in this life?

It feels like I've stumbled into someone else's life, and it just doesn't fit who I really am deep down inside.

I feel stuck and bored, and something just feels "off" and out of whack.

Why does my Life feel like it has happened to me, instead of something I created and choose, so that I can't change it to something else that feels more like what I truly want?"

I felt like I had sort of drifted into that life, without choosing or planning it, and that there was no way I could change it into something else that felt more like what I truly wanted.​

​​So what did I do ​to try to "fix" my life?  I tried to change ​everything, but nothing seemed to work for very long.

I decided that the problem was my job, so I kept moving to a different bank, thinking a new role would solve the problem and make me happy.  

It didn't.  Every job was pretty much the same as the last one, and I came home grumpy and dissatisfied with my boss & my colleagues (not to mention the other train commuters!) every single night.

I also decided maybe the source of all my woes was my weight, so I started exercising and cut out all the red wine during the week.  I lost weight, but I didn't lose all the weight I was carrying around on the inside of me, and I still wasn't happy.  

And then something would happen, or my routine would change, and I'd go back to my old ways and gain back all the weight I'd lost.  

I even ​changed where I lived.  I moved house 7 times in eight years -- until my kids finally banned me from reading property websites!

Yep, I changed everything -- except the one thing that could actually bring about lasting change, the one thing that was the constant in all of these problems:  My Self!

I eventually realised that my problem was all in my mind -- by which I mean my mindset and the lens through which I viewed my Self and the world.

I learned that even though I couldn't change other people, I could change the circumstances of my Life by changing the one thing that only I had the power to change -- My Self!

I discovered that my rational, ego mind -- which I'd relied on to try to logic and reason myself out of my problems -- was actually the real problem.

I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief, when I accepted that my Self wasn't really "broken" or in need of "fixing." 

I realised that my real, True Self was fine, deep down inside me; I just wasn't listening to it, because of all the noise of my ego & my Inner Critic chattering away in my brain all day, every day.

Imagine my surprise when I realised all I had to do was to shut up and Listen -- in other words, quiet down my ego and listen to my Intuition, my Soul, my Heart, my Inner Wisdom -- to make decisions and move through life based on what feels right, instead of what seems logical or rational!

​(Damn!  If I'd only known that sooner, I'd have saved a LOT of time, money, and pain!)

​​​Best of all, I learned that the most fun, easy, and interesting way to make this shift from logic to Intuition was to tap into my Creative Powers, which are a hotline to my truest, deepest desires!

And I even came up with a method of Intuitive Improv Stitching that gave me the skills and courage to Intuitively, Improvisationally Stitch together a tailor-made Life that fit my truest, deepest self perfectly!

"You are a POWERFUL CREATOR -- whether you think you don't have a Creative bone in your body, or you Create every day, and ​this course is all about tapping into that power, so you can make the mindset shifts you need for creating the life you've been longing for, the one that feels true and authentic for who you really are, deep down inside."

​Donna xxx

​The Benefits of ​The Brain Facial

​Detox your Negative Thoughts

​The Brain Facial will help you learn to identify and clear away all of the negative, gnarly thoughts that clog up your brain, stifling your Creativity and sucking the Joy and Fun from your life!

​You'll also learn my simple tools for handling those negative thoughts anytime they pop up in the future, so you can keep Creating your stuff & your Life.

​​​​Guide Your Life with your Intuition

​Become friends with ​your ​Inner Critic,​ instead of letting her​​​ constantly abuse and manipulate ​you​ ​into ignoring your Body, your Intuition,​ your Heart, your Inner Wisdom & your True Desires, so that you can finally, finally start to Create the Life ​you really, truly want, but scarcely dare to Dream about, let alone take steps to make it actually come true.

​Jumpstart your Creativity

​Learn my favourite Creative activities and incorporate them easily into your daily Life.

​​Whether you create every day, or you think you don't have a creative bone in your body, ​you'll  jazz up your creative juices, so you can start to Create your greatest work of all -- Your Bodacious, creative Adventure of a Life!

What You'll Get​ in the Brain Facial

Four LIVE, interactive weekly ​sessions with ​me, where everyone participates and has a chance to be coached.

​​​Forget about sitting still and taking notes or dozing off in the back row -- ​I believe in learning by doing, not by listening to ​me yammer on forever!

Lessons will be recorded and saved for review later for as long as you like.

Short, simple activities to help you start to change ​what you're looking at and how you see the world, ​so you can start to build up and develop your Creative Mindset.

You can't learn to ride a bike by watching someone else do it or by reading about it, and you can't develop a Creative Mindset that way either.  

That's why these activities will be designed to help you actually implement what you learn in the weekly sessions.

Lifetime Access to a Private Facebook Group, where you can ask questions and get answers from ​me and your fellow attendees.

​I will also do at least one Facebook Livestream in the group each week, where you can show up and comment or ask questions live.  

You'll also be able to watch the Livestreams and comment or post questions later, whenever it's easiest for you​.


​Pricing Plans

​Group Online Course

Single payment of 



  • ​Weekly Live Sessions for 4 weeks
  • ​Membership of  Private FB Group
  • ​Lifetime access to recordings of weekly Live Sessions ​​
  • ​Lifetime access to ​Private FB Group
  • ​Access to all future updates and additions to course materials
1-to-1 Coaching with Donna​ (Add-on)

Single payment of 



  • ​Everything in the Group Online Course PLUS
  • ​​A weekly ​1-to-1 coaching call (via Zoom) with Donna for the 4-weeks of the Course
  • ​Lifetime access to recordings of the coaching calls
  • ​Unlimited private emails with Donna (24-48 hour response time)

​What's in the Brain Facial?

During the four Live Course Sessions, we'll be covering the following:​


​​​​​Lesson 1:  Preparation -- Look Closer

Before you start a regular Facial, you've got to take a closer look, so you know what kind of stuff your up against, and it's similar with the Brain Facial.  Let's face it:  if you can't see it, you can't change it.

​These are also some of my best tools for jumpstarting and jazzing up my Creative Powers and starting to change your mindset.​


​Lesson 2: ​Cleanse — Detox those Negative Thoughts

​In this lesson, we're going to get down and dirty -- or maybe more accurately, get the dirt out!  Yep, this is where we go deep into your thoughts and start to rewrite the negative story of your life into the most Bodacious, Creative, Adventure that you've been secretly longing for.


Lesson 3: ​Moisturise — Reward yourself

After all the cleansing and detoxing of a facial comes the relaxing, pampering bit! ​In this lesson, we'll be slavering ourselves with lots of compassion and loving kindness -- two things we often reserve for others, but a luxury we rarely lavish on ourselves.

​You'll also learn how to start to Feel into your Life and rely on ​your Intuition, Heart, Soul, and Inner Wisdom, which you couldn't do while your Inner Critic was so busy prattling on inside your head!


​Lesson 4: ​​Ongoing Day-to-Day Care

​​In this lesson, we'll look at aftercare, and how to manage our mindset after the Brain Facial to maintain your fabulously calm, clear self once the course ends. I'll share some of my favourite methods for maintaining daily thought detox, ​keeping your Inner Critic happy, and sticking with your Intuition (even when your rational, ego mind is screaming at you not too!

And of course, I'll share with you what to do when the inevitable happens, and your Inner Critic eventually gets bored and starts harassing you again.

“​You're not broken, and you don't need fixing.  

You have everything you need deep inside you, and you don't need to buy this course (or anything else) to Create your Bodacious, Creative Adventure of a Life.

But if you'd like some support on your journey, and you'd like to meet a few like-minded Souls who are on a similar path of Fun, Creativity, and Adventure, join me on the Brain Facial."

​Donna xxx

​Is the Brain Facial really right for me?

​The Brain Facial is FOR you if:

  • ​You​ just can't wait another minute to make some lasting change in your life. 
  • You've been longing to get more creativity into your life, whether think you don't have a creative bone in your body, or you're already making stuff daily (or are somewhere in between).
  • ​You want a small course, where the course leader knows and interacts with everyone.
  • ​You're ready to dive in and get messy, taking fun & engaging action to explore ​what works for you.
  • ​You are looking for real, authentic, lasting change, not quick fixes or tips, tricks and life hacks.
  • ​You are happy to commit to treating this like a live class, so that you attend the live lessons, interact with others, and actually do the personal activities that are discussed.

​The Brain Facial is NOT for you if:

  • ​You know you want to make some changes, but you are too busy to tackle it right now.
  • You ​don't have any interest in getting more creativity into your life, because you're convinced you will never be creative, or you're sure your creativity is already maxed out.
  • ​You're happy with ​pre-recorded info that doesn't ​​need you to interact with others.
  • ​You want someone to just tell you exactly what to do and how to do it -- or better yet, to do it all for you.
  • ​You want something quick and easy, and you don't want a course that requires a lot of effort from you.
  • ​You want a course you can buy and "save for later," which means it will end up languishing in a forgotten file on your hard drive, never to be used or viewed after the first day.
What if I try it, and The Brain Facial just isn't right for me?

​I just know you're going to love The Brain Facial and start to make lasting changes by the end of this course.  I'm so confident in ​The Brain Facial, that I invite you to try it risk free for ​the first week.   If you ​decide after the first live ​class that The Brain Facial just isn't your cup of tea, ​​email me within 24hours after the first live class ends, and ​I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Donna xxx

Donna M. Thornal  //  ​Artist, Creative Journey Guidess

​I am so excited for you to join me in The Brain Facial.  I wasn't "naturally creative" growing up.  I used to be so steeped in the logical and rational side of my brain that I had no idea of the Creative Power waiting deep down inside me, and I believed all the gnarly stuff my nasty Inner Critic told me about myself.

When ​I learned how to get into Creative Flow ​and discovered ​how to tap into all of  the real creativity that already existed deep inside me, it totally changed my life!  I developed a new relationship with my body, learning to trust, love, and listen to it, as well as my intuition, instinct, and inner wisdom.  I also learned to stay in the present moment, calm my Inner Critic, and bring new levels of joy, calm, and adventure to my life.

And of course, I started to make really cool stuff!

I​ really hope that you'll join me for The Brain Facial, and that it's as helpful for you as it has been for me.  But if it's not for you, then I wish you Godspeed on your journey into yourself, and I welcome you ​as a valued member of my Tribe.  

​With much Love,

Donna xxx

​What if you're ​still ​not sure whether ​The Brain Facial is right for you?  I've gotcha covered.  Just click the button ​above and book a Free, no-pressure Taste of Adventure chat with me.

 ​​​We can have a short, honest chat via Zoom to see if we are a good fit to worth together in The Brain Facial.  ​

I'm here to help you, not stress you out, so there won't be any cheesy, sleazy, pressurised sales tactics, and I have no expectations about whether you buy this or anything else for me.

Just click the button ​above for more details.

Copyright ​2019 Donna M. Thornal

Olivia Marie Create, Ltd.