​​​Boost​ Your Creativity & Calm your Inner Critic with my Free Creative Flow Accelerator

​​With this tool, you can drop into Creative Flow​ quickly & easily.

​​The Creative Flow Accelerator​ is my favourite tool for dropping into Creative Flow.  It's a simple breathing exercise that ​will help you Chill out, Tune into your Body & Intuition, and Drop into Creative Flow.

C​​reative Flow ​is a powerful mindset shift from the verbal part of your Brain, where your Nasty Inner Critic lives, to the nonverbal part of your Body+Spirit+Mind, where your True Self resides.

​When you drop into Creative Flow, you are able to "listen" to your True Self, without all the noise of your Inner Critic rattling your brain.  And that, my friends, is where the magic happens!

​The Benefits of Creative Flow

​Make Cool Stuff

Even if you don't think you have a creative bone in your body, you can tap into your hidden Creative Power and learn to make cool stuff when you drop into Creative Flow.

​If you're already a Creative Powerhouse, the Creative Flow Accelerator will help you increase your Creative productivity and deepen your Creative Practice, so you can make even cooler stuff.​

​Re-Balance your Body+Spirit+Mind

In Creative Flow, ​​you will start to love, trust, and listen to your Body and your Spirit, Intuition, and Inner Wisdom.

​This is where your True Self knows all the answers you've been looking for about how to solve everything that bugs you -- like ​your work/passion, your body, your relationships -- all the juiciest parts of your life.​

​Change your Life

​Creative Flow, ​will ​help calm your Inner Critic -- who pipes up in every part of your life, not just your creative endeavours.  

​​Once you calm your Inner Critic, you will stop judging yourself so harshly and gain more confidence in yourself and your abilities.  

​​HUGE BONUS:  when you stop judging yourself, you'll stop judging others so harshly as well!

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​Donna M. Thornal  //  ​Artist, Creative Journey Guidess

I am so excited to share my favourite tool in my Creative toolbox!  I wasn't "naturally creative" growing up​.  I used to be so steeped in the logical and rational side of my brain that I had no idea of the Creative Power that was waiting deep inside me, and I believed all the gnarly stuff my nasty Inner Critic told me about myself.

When ​I learned how to get into Creative Flow ​and discovered ​how to tap into all of  the real creativity that already existed deep inside me, it totally changed my life!  I developed a new relationship with my body, learning to trust, love, and listen to it. And I learned to stay in the present moment, calm my Inner Critic, and bring new levels of joy, calm, and adventure to my life.

​And of course, I started to make really cool stuff!

I truly hope that my Creative Flow Accelerator can help you as much as it has helped me.

With much Love,

​Donna xxx

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